The SEARCH.PHP3 Program

Web site indexer and search engine

Search.php3 is a Web/Application using PHP3, Mysql and PHPLIB's Template. It indexes a web site by it's META tags.

Created February 23, 2000, as a learning experience for PHP3 and PHPLIB.

Stable: 0.1 - devel: ongoing - license: GPL

Notes About PhpLib

I've been getting alot of email about Warning: Failed opening ''... Be sure you follow the instructions on installing PHPLIB. Especially the part
That very important note goes something like this:
Create an include directory named php parallel to your web servers document root directory. Do not put the include directory below your web servers document root.


MySQL Version 6.4 or higher


Download search-0.1.tar.gz Search.php3 in tar.gz (UNIX) format.


Search.php3 is available under the terms of the GNU Public Licence

Problems with PHPLIB

After receiving email about PHPLIB reporting errors with include paths and more, I decided to reload search on a virgin machine and see for myself what are the problems with the install. I was able to clear most of the problems by re-reading the "Some maintenance changes to PHPLIB 7.2" at URL Fixes to PHPLIB Version 7.2

Also, the PHP include path must be set properly in the /usr/local/lib/ or your .htaccess if your provider allows this on his server.

Installation Service

We offer a installation service. We will install Search.php3 for $100. Contact Us

On-line demo

Give Search.php a try, use the search box at the top-of-page to search our site or Click to search our site for html

HTML Preperation

Your HTML pages required META tags include:
<META NAME="Title" CONTENT="Your page title">
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="keyword1,keyword2,...">
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Your page description">
<META NAME="Rating" CONTENT="PageRating (i.g. General)">

The HTML code needed in your web page to execute Search.php3
<form action=http://yourDomain.TLD/search/search.php3>
Search: <input type=text name=searchSt size=35>

Loading the Search.php3 database

To load your pages into the Search.php3 database goto to the URL
Enter the HTML web page to be index
Enter URL: 

Installation Instructions

Installing phplib-7.2
From your document root: gzip -dc phplib-7.2.tar.gz | tar xvf -
mkdir php
cp ./phplib-7.2/php/* ./php
Unpacking the gzip tar file into DocumentRoot/search
mkdir search
cd search
gzip -dc ../search-0.1.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Configure search.php3

Edit search.php3
You should only have to edit three lines between 'Start Configuration' and 'End Configuration'
Create the .htaccess and enter
php3_include_path "YOUR-DOCUMENT_ROOT/php:/YOUR-DOCUMENT_ROOT/search"
php3_auto_prepend_file "YOUR-DOCUMENT_ROOT/php/prepend.php3"
php3_error_reporting "1"
Create the database and tables
mysqladmin -uroot create w3Search
mysql -uroot w3Search < w3Search.sql


  • Add feature which will rank the search results.
  • Search results title needs to be the URL's page title if
    the META tag <META NAME="TITLE"...> is missing.


Credit is acknowledge to the following for their contributions in making Search.php3 possible.

Minor Problems with initial release:

search.php3 - YourPAGETITLE
Fixed 02-27-00

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